Month: November 2014

Cloudland Canyon 11m

Cloudland Canyon State Park — 10 Jan 2015 — 46th Birthday!!! — Registered for 11m Facebook — Park Trail Map — Event Page — Registration West rim trail, waterfalls trail, sittina gulch, bear creek bc, backcountry trail, Cloudland connector trail

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Oconee Half Marathon + 50k — 2015

Half Marathon  (Saturday) 50k  (Sunday) Event Page        Registration        2014 race report and course description When: Saturday May 2, 2015 – Sunday May 3, 2015 Saturday May 2 : Half Marathon/10k start at 8 am SHARP for both

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Rabun Georgia Half Marathon — 2014

Results: 2:52:57; 27th out of 52 bib 64 [that’s 2^6 for the discrete among us] GPS data: Photos: Registered 1-Jun-2014! Rabun GA Half Marathon Sky Valley, Dillard, GA 21 June 2014 – 7am Event Details:!rabun-georgia-half-marathon/c9t7 Registration:

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Dirty Spokes Fisher Farm Park, NC 10m – 2014

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Hacking Ultra — Dynamic Goals

Hacking Ultra Dynamic Goals 2015 — Year of the Double-Tap Events with kids Volunteer at events Trail Maintenance 1/10:Cloudland Canyon 11m 1/11:Stone Mountain Cartography 5/2:Oconee Half-Marathon 5/3:Oconee 50k 11/7:Georgia Sky to Summit 50k 11/21:Duncan Ride Trail 50k 2016 Georgia Death

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Quest for the Crest 50k

Burnsville, North Carolina Both courses are point to point and DO NOT ALLOWANYONE RUNNER OR CREW TO PARK AT THE START OF EITHER RACE!!! NO EXCEPTIONS! 50k description: 11,300 ft of gain, 11,700 ft of loss on this insane point

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Duncan Ridge Trail 30k 2014

 Registered 12 Nov 2014 – Event Page 30K race route: The race will start at the shelter #1 at Vogel State Park. The route will follow the Coosa Backcountry trail North out of the park and across 180. When the Coosa

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I have resisted any definition of purpose or objective, as this is an organic exploration, and all aspects of the endeavor must be flexible and malleable. This includes evolving objectives and underlying purpose. That said, I can arbitrarily define a

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Personal Intelligence

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