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Gary Taubes

“…certain conclusions seem inescapable to me, based on the existing knowledge…” Dietary fat, whether saturated or not, is not a cause of obesity, heart disease or any other chronic disease of civilization. The problem is the carbohydrates in the diet,

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Richard Feynman

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Red Hot Yoga

721 Miami Circle, Ste. 106 Atlanta, GA 30324 Phone: (404) 474-7052 11550 Webb Bridge Way Alpharetta, GA 30005 Skip to Content Home Schedule Pricing About Us First Timers Teacher Training Directions HELLO ALPHARETTA! WELCOME TO RED HOT YOGA! We are

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  21-Aug-2014 Lipid Panel Total Cholesterol:  252 mg/dL “normal” range: 125-200 mg/dL Whether this “high” reading is significant or not is largely dependent on the specific make-up of the cholesterol. High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Cholesterol: 85 mg/dL  (>=40 normal) As the

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BioMechanics from Olaf Sorensen

copied exactly from This page explains how our body bio mechanics function during forefoot running. Bio Mechanics: The study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms. Oxford Dictionary of English   We must

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How to Run Your First 50-Miler

copied directly from   See also: Art of the Low-Mileage Ultra. From Eric Robinson, a wise young man who runs 2-4 ultras per month.   This long ramble aims at helping first-timers finish a 50-mile race, though seasoned ultrarunners

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Art of the Low-Mileage Ultra

copied directly from Eric Robinson is one of a kind. Eric has run countless ultras, averaging 2-3 or more per month. Eric keeps careful track of his training and racing. “I record my race entries in a spreadsheet,” he

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GNU GPL Copyleft

I assert the exclusive right to grant universal, copyleft permissions to the phrases “Hacking Ultra” and “HackingUltra” as described below. Copyright (C) 2014 Harold Michael Smith, Jr. This information is free; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the

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2014 Georgia Sky to Summit 50k – Nutrition

Living Document Getting to the Line —————————————————————————————————- 10 Days Before ——————– morning: fatty breakfast hydrate; supplement evening: increase whole-food, complex carbohydrates (low-glycemic); consistent, though not increased, protein intake ——————————————————————————– 3-2 Days Before (Wed/Thur) ——————– moderate calorie restriction; hydrate ——————————————————————————– Day

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Partial list of references 11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick And Fat The Mind Unleashed on 8 September, 2014 at 00:11 Caffeine: The Silent Killer of Success   Characteristics of glycemic control in elite power and endurance athletes. Chou

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